" The machine turns and feels no shame. Avoid touching it when you don’t know its dimensions: direction nor volume. Ignite the engines! "
-Admiral Zorus to Captain Strauss in orbit over Tarkus



The gaming group will play three small one-off scenarios with pre-made characters. The scenarios are linked to each other, but the characters change. With these scenarios the players get a taste of the world and witness some of the backstory events that shadow the main campaign. Their actions might even alter the Main Campaign that starts three years after the Introduction Scenarios.

Scenario 1

The scenario takes place on a uncharted planet called Palmas in the Uncharted Space 12 sector. It is a planet with a separated Human community of Scientologists. According to the communitys lore they were forced to abandon Earth nearly a hundred years ago and after a long trek they formed a new prospering community on Palmas. Unfortunately, they were followed by body thetans and half of the people who arrived to Palmas betrayed the faithul ones and formed a rivalling nation on the planet. The nations formed were called Huberonia and Clambake.

The PC’s are high ranking members of the Huberonian nation and face grave danger as a messenger from space brings forth a message that the ancient tyrant, Xenu, has escaped from his prison and reigns terror in the galaxy. On top of that the threat of Clambake is becoming more and more severe. Luckily the faithul people of Huberonia have been contacted by a wizard who lives on the north pole of the planet. This wizard has granted the Huberonians with great gifts of science and the leader of Huberonia sends the PC’s to retreave this technology. Mysteriously, the messenger from space warns the Huberonian leader that he should not delve into this technology.

In the end Clambake begins its invasion against Huberonia, the PC’s get to the north pole only to find themselves betrayed and captured, and the planet gets bombarded with antimatter bombs from high orbit. Not a single soul survives from the immensive devastation cast down from space. Except the ones on the north pole…

Scenario 2

The scenario takes place on the Battleship HFS Pepper, the very ship that bombarded Palmas. The PC’s are Human Union Interstellar Navy officers and belong to the commanding officer group under the command of Commodor Ian B. Sherman. The ship itself has been temporarily subjucated to the command of the Galactic Alliance and follows the orders of the High Sentinel Procurator of the Norma Arm, Fred Palakinous.

Scenario 3

The PC’s belong to a group of Shenzhou space assaulters.

The Main Campaign

The players are enlisted soldiers assigned to the 3rd Special Shock Reconnaissance platoon of the Human Union Interstellar Navy and serve under the command of Captain Michael Strauss.

Each player has his own reasons for being assigned to the Special Shock Reconnaissance and will get a solo gaming session to play through the events that lead to this.

The players must choose a deployment from the list below and create their characters based on that assignment:

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