A Varadoon mercenary

" We stood no chance against them. They blasted our radio connections with EMP grenades and after that our ranks fell into chaos. We tried to do the same to them but it was all the same. They could easily communicate with telepathic messages. When sergeant Cassard tried to rally our men we were soon flanked by them. With us pinned down by their supressive fire their snipers had little trouble taking us down one by one. I saw Wilson taking a hit on his chest. The hit smashed him to the ground, and I saw his trauma plate shattered where the bullet had hit him. Wilson tried to get up – his armor had absorbed most of the hit – but his recovery was cut short by a well aimed shot to his exposed chest. Seeing most of my platoon slaughtered, I pried open a ventilation hatch and escaped certain death. "
-Extract from PFC Nelsons report on the raid of a rogue genetics lab


Varadoons, or Doons for short, are a race of warm-blooded humanoid half-lizards. They are widely known for their innate psychic skills and ability to adapt into different environments and societies. Varadoon societies are spread widely all over the galaxy and form a loose alliance that tries to maintain a neutral stance in the Galactic Alliance. Many Varadoon colonies are self-sufficient and independent. Thus they fall beyond the jurisdiction and support of the Varadoon Coalition and the Galactic Alliance. Such colonies provide safe havens for all kinds of criminals and mercenaries.

Varadoons are very social and individualistic characters that often find themselves living and travelling in different places. As masters of adaptation, Varadoons come along well with different species and especially well with Humans. Their natural tendency to seek adventures often drives them to become mercenaries, soldiers, pirates etc.


A Varadoon data thief.

The diversity of Varadoon technology makes it hard to identify the distinctive elements that define their style. In a way, Varadoon technology resembles Human technology because, just like Humans, Varadoons are very individualistic on their patents and unique designs. The quality of Varadoon tech varies significantly between different manufacturers.

Appearance & Anatomy:

A female Varadoon diplomat.

Humans use the word half-lizard to describe Varadoons simply because their appearance and anatomy remind us of our own reptile species. The skin of a Varadoon is partially covered in scales very much in the way Humans have hair on their skin. On their head Varadoons grow thin and long scales that fall back towards their neck. Diamond shaped scales often grow on their backs, shoulders, arms and legs. Just like Human males are more hairier than females, Varadoon males are more scalier than female Varadoons. The areas not covered in scales have a soft dolphin-like skin. The skin color of a Varadoon varies with the environment it lives in. Within a week, an adult Varadoon changes its base color to match its surroundings. This change requires that the Varadoon doesn’t dramatically change its environment.

Anatomically Varadoons are much like a combination of Earth mammals and reptiles. Newborn Varadoons are highly developed and after a short period of milk feeding they basically skip the long infant stage Humans have. Instead Varadoons go through a long period of growth inside their mother’s womb and after that continue to grow inside an egg.

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