" I can make you suffer beyond all your imagination. Not just physical pain, but deep deprivation within you. I can summon the mourning of thousand years inside your soul, so that when I’m over with you, there will not be any of You left but a whimpering husk crying for the void to comfort itself. "
-Fal’Ranoch, The Lunnroa Warlord of the Phantor Mercenaries


Lunnroas are Lashas that have refused to follow the ancient Lashathian code of honor to live only as long as their flesh can be sustained through psychic powers. These Lashas use machinery to keep their bodies functioning. Some have chosen to do so because they could not attain the necessary psychic strenght in time to prevent their death after childhood. Some try to prevent their inevitable deaths after their bodies start to reject the psychic help their minds give them. Some just wish to become more powerful by releasing their psychic powers from the stress of sustaining their bodies.

What ever the reasons are, the Lashas who choose to become Lunnroas, often have dramatically different personalities than their morbidly depressed pure minded brothers and sisters. Lunnroas often have a strong thirst for living and power and often seek other species to enslave and command. Many experts believe that the majority of Lunnroas have psychopathic tendencies.

Needless to say, Lunnroas pose a great threat to anyone who wish to defy them or stand in their way. Free from the psychic stress of life support, Lunnroas are one of the most powerful psychers in the galaxy.

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