An Azer scientist.

" Hah! It was like stealing candy from a child! "
" But what if somebody saw what you did there? They aren’t exactly the forgiving type if you do something wrong! "
" Relax, Sal. That box-head told me the code for his safe and I just happened to help him to get rid of some stuff. "
" Yeah, but I still have a bad feeling about this. It was too easy. "
-Conversation of two charlatans in Utopus-3 before the police raid on their apartment


Azers form the bulk of the social servants and officers in the Galactic Alliance communities. The innate truthfulnes and honor of all Azers have given them a trustworthy reputation in the galaxy, and many administrative duties have invariably been given to Azer officials. Azers lack the flexible insight on the matters of wrong and right. Almost all of Azers are incapable of telling lies and have problems understanding the need for such things. Azer officers usually need to train themselves to detect the deceitfulnes in other species and to speak on abstract topics or emotions. Usually untrained Azers are very strict on the normative laws and beliefs they have learned and very rarely change their mind on such things. A clever adversary finds it very easy to fool such an Azer. Due to this, the attempts to expand their influence on trade and politics have usually ended in failures.

Because of their inability to understand other species, many think that Azers are slow-witted, but this is far from truth. Among themselves Azers act flawlessly together and conduct formidable scientific experiments. Also the straightforward thinking has enabled the Azer military organisations to work with precise discipline and efficiency, even though their tactics tend to be a bit predictable.

An Azer grunt working as a guard on Langarra space station.


It is very characteristic for Azer technology to be strictly practical. Artistic design and sometimes even ergonomy are outshined by efficiency and reliability. The vast majority of Azer technology is plainly made for practical purposes. Devices made for entertainment are useless for most of Azers. Due to this, the resources of the Azer industry are concentrated on manufacturing of powerful and durable products. These items are usually very highly sought and expensive on the free market.

Appearance & Anatomy:

Azers are humanoids with very humanlike features. Azers have bald angular shaped heads with spikelike small horns (Azers often surgically remove them). Compared to the proportions of a Human body, Azers have a much more longer torso, and this feat makes them look short legged in the eyes of Humans. The biggest reason for the large torso is the vast amount of internal organs Azers have. The evolutionary progress of the Azers is in the middle of a transformation that results from the migration from water to dry land. They have a swim bladder and the respitory organs for both water and air. The hue of their skin varies just like with Humans, but the base colour under their skin is yellow due to the color of their blood. If Azers could blush, they would do so by turning more yellow, as Humans turn red. The color of Azer blood is explained with the high amount of hemovanadin in their blood. While hemovanadin is not an actual oxygen-carrier, it turns to an mustard yellow color when in contact with the oxygen carried by the hemoglobin in Azer blood.

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