Vitali ''Vory'' Popov

A seasoned recon trooper with criminal background


A seasoned recon trooper with criminal background.

Has an impressive collection of prison tattoos that cover most of his skin.


Vitali “Vory” Popov

Born to a successful trading family of Russian origins. Orphaned at the age of eight by an attack by the Human Free Galaxy and believed to be dead by relatives. Lived on the streets of Novaja Moskva on Soyuz Beta where he joined an infamous gang of smugglers. Caught red-handed by the Galactic Police while smuggling unknown items for a client. Had unknowingly transferred illegal genetical experiments and thus attracted the attention of the Galactic Police. Apparently, they had had an informant within the gang. Sent to a small forced labour camp on the Soyuz Gamma to serve a sentence of 20 years to life. Sworn to himself to catch the snitching SOB that landed him to that hell hole.

Prisoner 1098

Familiar faces in the prison. Some older members from the same gang were also serving time there. He learned the ropes of the place quickly. Worked very little if at all. Business however continued as usual. The prison tattoos increased with each year spent in the joint until most of the canvas was covered with ink. They told the story of rank, brutal deeds, vices and even sneered at the authorities but only for those who knew how to read them.

During the served sentence he was suspected of smuggling and possession of contraband goods, bribery, assault & battery and murder. Still he received no convictions because of the lack of evidence and eyewitness’.

Everything changed when the resources of the mine were nearly depleted. The camp was to be shut down. Prisoners were given two choices: transfer to a massive prison in the high gravity world of Soyuz Alpha where the struggle for lost privileges and notoriety would start again or to serve a shorter sentence in a newly formed penal company.

Facing lousy odds in either place the chance to lower the sentence with good behaviour sounded too tempting.

Mechanized infantry trooper P-1244-7002
Served as a grunt in the recon platoon. Received a commendation during initial recon missions on Fal’goran Grove.

Investigating MPs following an anonymous hint that there is a munition thief in the garrison. Investigations indeed reveal that someone had been stealing munitions and something from Colonel Yamamoto‘s private field office. Further investigations reveal a prohibited alcohol stash in Colonel Yamamoto’s office and abases the colonel. While official investigations never reveal the true identity of the thief, Colonel Yamamoto is certain that Vory is quilty and after pulling a few strings Vory gets transferred to Special Shock Reconnaissance.

Vitali ''Vory'' Popov

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