Thaddeus E. Hogan

A veteran sergeant with loads of field experience.


Hogan, Thaddeus E.(Eli)
Date of birth:
05/17/2220 (44 years/taurus)
Place of Origin:
Billings, Montana


Thaddeus was born on Earth to the largest city in the state of Montana. He was the only son and child for his parents. As it was usual for Earth families of this era.

Thaddeus went through the mandatory eduction without trouble. Although he was not made for school, his mind and body were built for differend kind of service, and purpose.

The civil labour service was more suitable for Thaddeus. He worked the fence around Billings. Keeping people secure and safe. His part in this great security program was very small and meaningless. ut he carried out his job. And was satisfied doing so.

During civil labour service Thaddeus fell in love with a girl. Things started happening very fast, good things. They got married. A small intimate ceremony with close friends and relatives. The same year Thaddeus became a Father for a lovely little girl, Cadence.

This event was planned and most welcome to the Hogan family, the cost of parenthood was wellknown and understood. And Thaddeus joined the Human Union Interstellar Navy.

Thaddeus liked the service, he enjoyed it. The family he left behind him, started to fade into a vague memory and a new picture of his daughter and wife every year. No more messages of love were sent or received. Thaddeus still gave most of his allowance to his family, kept only what he needed to maintain his life in the service.

After a while his superiors found out his talents and thaddeus was given a chance to a promotion. He passed the evaluations. And became a corporal.

At the same time he and his unit were sent on more active missions, to more hostile sites. The unit and it’s men did well. They were good. Others respected them, wished to go on a mission with them and fight with them by their side.

Glory and rewards came onto them. Thaddeus was promoted to the rank of sergeant. Quickly after that his unit was sent on a very important mission. Thaddeus had his doubts about the intelligence on this mission. But he trusted his Officer (cpt. Lowell). The nature of the mission was controversial and for the most parts classified.
When Thaddeus returned from this mission, with only handful of men left. he was the highest ranking person. He lost his Captain, he lost his friend. Thaddeus himself was severely wounded. Loss of left eye, dislocated right shoulder and a gunshot wound in his right leg.

He was taken care of and his injuries treated, Thaddeus refused to recieve treatment for his left eye. He wanted to keep it to honor his fallen friends. This was considerd as an act of insubordination. And thaddeus was given three choises. Treatment for his eye, early retirement or keeping the eye disfunctional and continuing his service in SSR unit. Thaddeus chose the service in the SSR unit. He also sent a letter to his wife and daughter. His wife answered him with divorce papers. Thaddeus took a new friend, the bottle.

He transferred to SSR. He still sends money to his ex-wife and daughter, He still drinks and he is still angry and cursed by nightmares of dying Cpt. Lowell in his arms.

Thaddeus E. Hogan

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