Ian B. Sherman

A Human Union Interstellar Navy Fleet Commodor


Ian B. Sherman is a straighbacked officer and a gentleman. He is a well-known Briton with sophisticated manners and a likable personality.


Originating from Hibernia, the moon of Prydein, Ian has learned the English etiquette and charm.

Ian B. Sherman is a war hero. He served as an weapons officer on a battleship responsible for the orbital bombardment against the indigenous primate race, Wylies, on Mir System. The battleship, HFS Tecumseh, was devastated after the Wylies launched several warheads into the orbit. The crew evacuated and were forced to land on the planet. Through incredible bad luck they landed into a hostile territory on the southern snow fields of Soyuz Beta. Captain Sherman, the last officer standing, regrouped the survivors and leaded them through the desolated snow fields into safety. They were forced to confront the brute Wylies, but with Shermans lead they managed to outflank each hostile group.

Afterwards, Sherman was promoted to the rank of Commodor and has served excellently earning a good reputation.

Ian B. Sherman

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