Dack Ser

An exceptionally talented tech specialist with a fascination for mechanical augmentations.


Dack is 6’2" tall with an athletic build and handsome looks. He speaks with a gruff voice, and is a chain-smoker. When asked about something he is most likely to combine “Fuck” with a carefully chosen noun related to the topic at hand.


Six weeks ago

Shit. Fuck. Bitch nipples. It was well past midnight. Even worse, it was during curfew. Dack had been irregularly sneaking out to the maintenance hall for the past few months. He knew the guards’ patrolling routine. Why the fuck are they here now? They shouldn’t be here now. Fuck, I shouldn’t be here. Shit. Thundercunts. Footsteps. Two of them. Few minutes away. Only one way out of this…
Dack took the mechanical arm exoskeleton he had been building in secrecy and fastened it around his right arm. Small needles pierced into his flesh and from them nanoscale needles attached themselves to his musculocutaneous nerve. Tingles… He stretched his fingers to make sure he hadn’t damaged the nerve and then continued to swipe the operating chip by his right side temple to activate it. Now connected to the neural interface. Dack had managed to alter his implant undetectable in the standard military health inspections. Dacklink Mk. XIV. Hah.
Not much time.
The particular room in the maintenance hall wasn’t very spacious. It’s not like Dack picked the room as his workspace due to its comfort value: he picked it as his workspace because it was somewhat isolated from all the other mechanics serving under the Mechanized Infantry Battalions. Well, more like it was designated to him. For the same reasons, anyway.
They know I’m here. Or hopefully they know someone is here. He sneaked out of the room to the hall and crouched behind a vehicle. The guards were searching for something, the footsteps slowed down and the beams from the flashlights started scanning the hall more steadily. Closer, motherfuckers… Just a bit closer… Dack was waiting just by the side of a vehicle. And in a blink of an eye one of the guards stepped into his right side around the corner.
Dack gave a crushing blow with his newly reinforced hand to the side of the guard’s left kneecap. What happened then he did not really see coming, no more than the unsuspecting guard did: following the horrendous crack-and-pop -sound, the guard’s kneecap exploded out of its socket in a bloody mess of bone shrapnel and tendon. Holy fuck. I’m in deep shit.
The guard collapsed instantly screaming from the top of his lungs. Dack did quite the opposite and lunged towards the hall entrance running as fast and low he could. It wasn’t far off and from the hall, it wasn’t a long way to his quarters. Shit. Fuck. Maybe the guard didn’t see my face. Maybe they won’t know who was here. Fucking hell, that guy’s knee… Fuck, I’m in deep shit. I’m so sorry for hi.. Two loud noises. Searing pain. Blackout.


Originally named Dhakiy Falih Ayser. Has been going under the name Dack Ser after involuntarily starting his career in the military to further avoid being linked to his family.

Born as the single child to a merchant family in the Langarra System year 2232. Due to the nature of the Langarra Space Station, he grew up in a very multiracial environment. While the family was fairly wealthy it did not make Dhakiy’s childhood particularly happy: his interests did not quite go hand-in-hand with what his parents were expecting from him. He was put into one of the finer educational facilities available in Langarra at a very young age and he had a Varadoon bodyguard to ensure his safety. He didn’t really know why. Not until the age of 24 anyway. His parents had instructed the Varadoon to keep Dhakiy physically fit in addition to the bodyguarding task: weakness of body is weakness of mind. The gravitational pull of Langarra is slightly lower (0,9G) than what the Human race has adapted to so in a way this was also a good thing for Dhakiy apart from the fact he learned to hate his body due to the abuse and the enforced bodybuilding.

At the age of 9 he was caught using unlicensed, apparently selfcrafted, neural interface during an exam. He was known to have a knack for tech and tinkering but the particular interface showed significant prowess at his young age. Unfortunately, the cheating couldn’t go unpunished and he was suspended from the school. His parents did not find the situation very amusing and started to homeschool him with an Azer teacher.

Being more or less locked up at his home for the next 11 years after the incident, he had all the time in his hands to study various types and origins of technology, even though he had to do it in secret from his parents. Thanks to the extremely libertarian nature of Langarra and its residents, Dhakiy had his ways of smuggling in various tech using his parents’ money. At the age of 24 he decided to leave his past behind and bought himself a one-way trip to the Byridian home star system Isoldes-1, aware of their technological advances and the possibilities to learn new things there.

Immediately after entering the Byridian system, the space ship was raided by the GBI. At this point it was revealed to Dhakiy that his parents were part of an interplanetary genesample smuggling organization and that he was also a suspect due to his relations with his parents and his shady business with buying and selling unlicensed tech.

Dhakiy was held as a prisoner and the Galactic Police tried to use him as a leverage against his parents, which didn’t really work out as they seemed to rather refer Dhakiy as “… that waste of sperm …” instead of confessing to any of their crimes.

Due to lack of any proper evidence against Dhakiy related to the genesample trading they decided to hand him over to the Human Union for trial for his other crimes. He was then sentenced to serve in the Mechanized Infantry Battallions of Human Union Interstellar Navy for 12 years.

Now 8 years into the sentence, at the age of 32, he’s standing 6’2" tall and appears to be well built regardless of being into computers and mechanics. He speaks with a gruff voice, is a chainsmoker and when asked about something he is most likely to combine “Fuck” with a carefully chosen noun related to the topic at hand. He has also changed his given name to Dack Ser.

Four weeks ago

Right now he’s also suffering from a terrible headache caused by a glancing shot at his head and a few ounces of missing flesh in his right arm.
The other guard had managed to get two shots at Dack which was more than enough to immobilize him. The first shot shattered the exoskeleton on Dack’s arm causing shrapnel of metal to tear away a good chunk of the said arm. This also overloaded the neural link and caused him to faint on the spot. The other shot glanced from the wall and scraped his head.

Dack was unconscious for a week. The investigation took another week. He was kept under constant surveillance, more or less for his own safety: he wasn’t very liked in the Troops anymore.

‘’You are being charged for the crimes of assaulting a fellow soldier…’’ asswipe ‘’…, possessing contraband…’’ cockmuncher ‘’…stealing Human Union Interstellar Navy property for your own uses and breaking numerous other laws and Interstellar Navy rules. Detailed list of the crimes can be found in attachments from B2 to B6.’’ fucking shit I’m fucked.
‘’Now, we have assigned people to the Shock Battalions for lesser crimes.’’ no, no, no… ‘’…but according to your service history you have proved significant knowledge and prowess regarding alien technology, robotics and technical skills overall during these last 8 years you have been serving your previous sentence. It would be such a shame to see such knowledge go to waste. So, we’re giving you a choice.‘’ …. yeah?
’’The Special Shock Reconnaissance troops tend to have a problem of people dropping from their ranks due to various reasons. So we’re giving you a last chance to make some use of yourself and redeeming yourself. We see potential in you. So therefore we’re assigning you to serve in the SSR for a unspecified period of time until you have compensated for the crimes or until you are no longer fit to serve in the SSR Troops and will be reassigned to the Shock Battalion… for the remainder of the punishment.’’


Dack Ser

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