Timeline of Shenzhou

" Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. "
-Lao Tzu


Timeline of the Shenzhou

2031Shenzhou X is launched from the moon. 200 Chinese politicians and members of the elite, together with 100 taikonauts and scientists, begin their journey. Shenzhou X is loaded with a huge Chinese gene bank, cloning equipment and 10 000 fertile human embryos stored in artificial wombs. The communist party of China celebrates the migration of communism to space with the hopes of creating an ideal world far away.

2045 – After a disastrous system failure cosmic radiation leaks into the space ship killing most of the living crew. A group of 45 politicians, taikonauts and scientists lock themselves in the rear parts of the vessel without any recreational facilities. The group uses the last ten cryo chambers in turn to kill time.

2078 – Few years pass inside the ship. The ship is contacted by an unknown extraterrestial ship (Human Union spies have been unable to determine the source of intervention, but military specialists assume it to have been a solitary Lashathi ship). that offers its help. The unknown ship wraps itself and Shenzhou X into a DDB(Dimensional Distortion Bubble]] and launches it towards the planet Wow.

Once inside the system, Shenzhou X launches its drop ships onto the planet. The travellers are greeted by a peace loving race called the Kre’paths who have just mastered the science behind the DDB, but have yet not used it in FTL travel.

Once on the surface, the remaining passengers start up their artificial wombs, build up vast cloning factories and begin accelerated reproduction. Just within the first year 5 million babies are born and placed in robotized nurseries.

2096 – The first new generation of the Shenzhou begin to reproduce naturally and a 10 year baby boom begins.

2105 – A cloned army seizes the planet and enslaves the Kre’paths. The planet is ravaged by hyperindustrialization and its resources are quickly depleted.

2109 – A working FTL launcher is finished and moved to its own orbit around the systems sun.

2116 – Due to unknown reasons, the Shenzhou desert Wow. Led by the unknown space ship that had helped the Shenzhou X, the Shenzhou migrate to the Sagittarius Arm and form numerous colonies in the area now known as the Shenzhou Main Space.

2126Shenzhou forms trade pacts with the Cluster Lords in the Varadoon Cluster Space E. The leaders of the Shenzhou are introduced to the Varadoon Galactic Council Ambassador who recommends the Galactic Council to evaluate Shenzhou’s possible membership to the Galactic Alliance.

2132Shenzhou is accepted into the Galactic Alliance and its first Council Ambassador Chairman Tau, who is one of the last survivors from the Shenzhou X, begins her term.

The interstellar culture is widely affected by the Shenzhou Culture and a long lasting season of fashion and culture trends take inspiration from the new Alliance Members.

2145Shenzhou spreads to new regions and claim Shenzhou Western Space.

2155Shenzhou scientists try to find the Psycher Gene, but fail. Secret research begins on the Kre’path’s abducted from Wow.

2157 – A war with Thaxian pirates begins in the Shenzhou Western Space. The Shenzhou People’s Army allies with the Hadian Empire Phalanx in a costly war against the pirates.

2162 – The Thaxians are driven out of the Shenzhou Western Space back into the uncharted regions.

2168Chairman Tau, the last survivor of the Shenzhou X and the Counsil Ambassador of the Shenzhou, dies at the age of 137. A new ambassador, Chairman Ling steps in.

2175Human Union sends an ambassador to the Galactic Alliance and causes confusion. Unsure what to make of the dispute the two Human factions, the Counsil temporarily suspends the human Council Ambassador until humanity can unify its political agendas. The suspension is explained with the rule of one Council Ambassador per race that cannot be shared.

The leaders of the Shenzhou are infuriated of the sudden appearance of the Human Union and the suspension of their Ambassador. Shenzhou refuses to negotiate with the upstart humans and withdraw to their colonies.

2187Shenzhou begin to get new colonies after the Human Union catches up with the amount of colonies. Shenzhou spreads it regime into Shenzhou Northern Space.

2195 – A fleet Dugat spaceships suddenly appear in the Shenzhou Main Space and ravage three colonies before the Shenzhou People’s Army gains an uphold.

2196Shenzhou introduces its first Psycher Assassins in its war against the Dugats. The origin of these new warriors remain a secret to the galactic community.

2198 – After three years the Dugats are finally defeated although pockets of isolated colonies remain in the eastern parts of the Shenzhou Main Space.

2209 – A widespread revolt begins in three separate worlds in the Shenzhou Western Space. Each of the three worlds are nuked unhabitable from orbit. Millions perish, but a clear message is sent to other colonies.

2229Shenzhou scientists begin experimenting with a spaceship capable of independent FTL travel, but all attempts fail and the project is halted. However, new arrival methods are invented and FTL bombers capable of near-safe arrival without vacuum gates are introduced.

2231 – An anti-human terrorist organisation, HFG, executes numerous strikes on Shenzhou space stations and FTL Systems causing severe financial damage.

2241 – The Interstellar Police of the Galactic Alliance execute a raid on one of the research centers of the Shenzhou and find evidence on violations of the Genetic Manipulation Laws set by the Galactic Alliance Council. Shenzhou is evicted from the galactic community and the disputed place of the human Council Ambassador opens for the Human Union.

2249 – The anti-human terrorist organisation, HFG, assassinates Chairman Ling in a collision of a luxury space station and an asteroid.

A new leader Chairman Ying begins her reign with an iron fist and begins a violent clean up in the Shenzhou regions. Numerous aliens are inspected and incarcerated as suspects.

2261 – The attention from the terrorist attacks is temporarily shifted to Falon-11, a binary star system with two habitable worlds, where a border skirmish with the Human Union bursts in the star system, as both factions have a colony in it. A short but violent war is fought between the two human factions. The war ends in a truce.

2264 – Now

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Timeline of Shenzhou

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