Special Shock Reconnaissance

" Alright scumbags! We’re going in first and we’re going in fast. Forget the word reconnaissance. Once we arrive inside the system, which we’ll do just next to the planet instead of the vacuum gate, we will all pack inside the drop ships and rain down on those thick skinned bastards like gods vengeance! "
-Captain Patton, 2nd Special Shock Reconnaissance platoon


The Special Shock Reconnaissance is an unit famous for its crazy stunts and dangerous missions. All members of SSR have to endure shock jumps, continuous standby and long terms of isolation.

The SSR unit is also a penalty unit where experienced soldiers and specialists, who have run into problems with the law or otherwise failed terribly, are assigned. It is an unit where the aspiring and commendable are sent instead of correctional facilities. Some have even avoided death penalty just because they have a remarkable military history or assets and skills too precious to waste.

Commander: Admiral Viktor Zorus
Base of operations: Scylla-X, a military space station orbiting Tarkus

The SSR consists of ten platoons that work independently under the command of Adm Zorus who, unlike the commanders of other sections of the Human Union Interstellar Navy, answers directly to the Earth Counsil.









Special Shock Reconnaissance

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