Soyuz Beta

Soyuz Beta

Mother Planet: Soyuz AlphaSoyuz Sestri Triangle
Star System: Mir System

Orbital radius: 65,88 x Diameter of Soyuz Alpha
Mass: 0,55
Diameter: 1,1
Density: 0,8
Gravity: 0,88 G

Lenght of day: 48 hours

Atmospheric mass: 1,0
Atmospheric composition: Nitrogen-Oxygen
Atmospheric properties: Normal
Atmospheric pressure: 0,88 (Normal)

Hydrographic coverage: 73%
Average surface temperature: 265,65 K
Climate type: Cold

Population: 107.943.846 Humans, 59.123 Byrids, 4.526 Hadians, 20 Azers
Capital: Novaja Moskva

As the most Earth-like world on Mir System, Soyuz Alpha’s biggest moon Soyuz Beta is the primary Human center in the system and the home of the new slavonic cultures. If it were not for the ice age that is at its peak, Soyuz Beta would resemble Earth in many ways. Due to the cold and harsh conditions, Human have settled near the worlds equator, where the weather is relatively pleasant and warm. Agriculture is possibly near the equator and even some genetically engineered tropical fruits are grown there.

Ruled by strict single party politics, the Soyuzians glorify and relish the memory and might of the Soviet Union. Despite this, the political and economical structure of the Soyuzian society is more close to post Soviet Russia. A powerful President CEO rules over the world with a ruling class of oligarchs. The whole economy of Soyuz Sestri Triangle is influenced by the Soyuzian megacorporation Promgrup.

The day on Soyuz Beta lasts for 48 hours and as the cities are built around the equator, the daytime lasts for a whole 24 hours. Days are magnificently bright and can become very warm,

The Wylie wars

For ten years the Human colonists settled the world in peace and calmly assumed that the world was free of sentient life. This was proven wrong when a research expedition exploring the frozen southern hemisphere stumbled upon an entrance into a complex cave network carved into the ice sheet and underground. The expedition drew the attention of an aggressive primate civilization living under the mile thick ice sheet. These large ten feet tall beasts were named Wylies. The Wylies were perfectly adapted to the grisly cold conditions and had mastered their winter survival skills. While their technology was roughly comparable to the technology of the Human race in the 20th century, their fierce tactics, brutality and vigor turned them into a formidable foe.

Once aroused, the Wylies have continued to terrorize the Soyuzians. Despite several attempts to eradicate their existence, even with the help of the Human Union Interstellar Navy, Wylies continued their raids against southern colonies on Soyuz Beta. Roughly every ten years, the Wylies launch a massive attack against the Human intruders, obviously trying to remove the newcomers. So far all attempts to build diplomatic ties with the primate race have been futile. The last mass attack happened in the year 2262 and the one before that in the year 2251.

The Wylies master the art of ambush and surprise attacks. Their crude weapons substitute technological finesse with size and firepower.

The Soyuzian ways

There is a saying about the Soyuzians: “You can always trust a Soyuzian – he’ll never obey go by the rules!”. The Soyuzian way is the way of a flexible moral compass and corruption. And not just regular corruption. The culture of bribery and buying yourself what you need has developed a peculiar concept of freedom amongst the Soyuzian people. In a way the social system is in fact a totalitarian capitalistic anarchy. The law is just another product for sale and the means to get the money can always be bought. Despite the individualistic (and technically quite liberal) way of seeing things, Soyuzians have a strong patriotic pride of their people and history. There is little mercy shown to individuals who fail to succeed in the harsh competition with versatile rules, but when in the company of outsiders Soyuzians become the greatest benefactors of their brothers and sisters. It is said that Soyuzians can be the best of all friends with their loyality and hospitality, but also the vilest of all enemies.

With long and warm days, the nightime in Novaja Moskva lasts for 24 hours and rains 80 percent of the time.

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Soyuz Beta

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