A Lashathi hermit living in the ruins of Colossus I.
Everything You Do, Has Already Been Done
Everything You See, Has Already Been Seen
Everything You Touch, Has Already Been Touched
But Not By Your Hands, But Not By Your Eyes,
But Not By You, Nor Within You
-Extract from Lashathi Trad. Archives #7 A223 “Poem of Woe”


Lashathies, or Lashas as some call them, are a physically degenerated ancient race of powerful psychers. The golden days of the Lashathian civilization are long gone. The last great cities were abandoned two millenias ago. Only few small colonies remain scattered within the galaxy. These colonies are extremely isolated and rarely make contact to outsiders. Solitary Lashas can be seen in other societies however. These Lashas are usually lone pilgrims that have settled down after a long phase of wandering. They often work as advisors for powerful merchants and politicians or just live as hermits. Other species think very differently about Lashas even among themselves. In many places they are seen as respected advisors and sages, but some people have hard time trusting them and might even be afraid of them. Due to their weak physical health Lashas often hire the help of other species to do their manual labour.

Lashas are often silent and chronically depressed. This is though to be caused by the withering of their once so great civilization, but some scholars claim that the reasons lie deeper within their psychology.


Lashathian technology is highly developed but arcane. There hasn’t been any Lashathian industry in centuries and Lashas show little interest in mass production nor sharing of their tech. Some of their older inventions have been forgotten even by themselves. One such example are their space ships. They are the smallest vessels capable of independent FTL travel. Nowadays such ships are gigantic space arks.

Most of the Lashathian devices require their users to control them via psychic links for them to function properly. This fact has made their tech unpopular among other species as it tends to be too obscure and hard to use.

Portrait of a Lashathi advisor in the Galactic Alliance Council.

Appearance & Anatomy:

The body of a Lasha reminds a tall human body near starvation death, lacking any bodily hair, auricles and nose. Their skin is often very pale and grey due to low blood pressure. Lashas have very felxible joints and six finger on their hands due to an additional thumb on the other side of the hand. Their skeletons are made of hard gristle that withstands blows better than fragile bones. If Lashas would have a similar bone structure as humans do, they would soon crumble due to osteoporosis. Should a human doctor examine a living Lasha, he or she would truly wonder how it could sustain life in it.

Indeed the physical bodies of Lashas could not sustain life if it were not for their immensive psychic powers that kept their metabolism running. After a 50 year long childhood, the body of a Lasha starts to deteriorate and, if the young Lasha hasn’t acquired the necessary psychic powers to sustain its own blood circulation and metabolism, it will inevitably die. If a Lasha survives the transition to adulthood, it can easily live up to an age of 500 years.

On rare occasions, some Lashas choose to prolong their lives through machinery. These apostates called Lunnroas are often rejected by other Lashas.

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