Langarra System

Langarra System

Number of stars: 1
Primary star type: K6V
Stellar mass: 0,6 (Sol Masses)
Stellar Age: 4,05 by
Temperature: 4200 Kelvins
Luminosity: 0,14 (Solar Luminosities)
FTL travel systems: Gen III Byrid FTL launcher, Gen III Byrid Vacuum Gate
Connections: Waypoint-SA362, Waypoint-SA364

Langarra System lies in the Byridian Region on the main path along the Sagittarius Arm connects Human Union Central Space and Human Union Eastern Space. Once known only as ‘’Waypoint-SA63’’, Langarra System became more than just a waypoint when a multiracial group of wealthy traders wished to build a commercial trading spot on a territory none wished to claim as their own.

Planetary orbits:

  • 0,06 AU – Terrestial world: Small (Rock)
  • 0,09 AU – Large Gas Giant
  • 0,15 AU – FTL Systems
  • 0,27 AU – Asteroid Belt – Langarra
  • 0,40 AU – Terrestial world: Small (Rock)
  • 1,16 AU – Terrestial world: Standard (Ammonia)
  • 2,26 AU – Asteroid Belt
  • 4,18 AU – Medium Gas Giant
  • 16,56 AU – Small Gas Giant

Space stations:

  • Langarra – An independent commercial space station orbiting within the inner asteroid belt.

Langarra System

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