Orbital radius: 0,27 AU
Average asteroid temperature: 326,49 K
Star System: Langarra System
Population: 32.176 Humans, 11.965 Hadians, 1234 Varadoons, 672 Azers, 132 Byrids and 13 Lashathies

Free from all tax duties and other obligations Langarra has become a popular trading point. It governs itself extremely liberally and restricts its habitants as little as possible. Due to this Langarra attracts criminals who wish to make a fortune exploiting Langarra’s loose laws.

Langarra’s market squares are famous for having rare items and decent prices. It is said that almost anything can be acquired from the stores and boutiques of Langarra. It is, however, not completely safe to sell or buy anything as undercover members of the Galactic Police often spy the markets and record illegal activities. While they do not have jurisdiction within Langarra, they can arrest suspected criminals once they enter Galactic Alliance territories.

Langarra rotates constantly to provide a stable gravity of 0,9 Gs.


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