A Human Police Investigator from Ohio Dome on Epsilon I.

" I love Humanity but I hate humans "
- Albert Einstein


Humans are the most significant new race to emerge and join the Galactic Alliance and are seen by many as an upstart and ignorant young race. The eagerness, ruthlessness, and curiosity of the Human race, which has also brought it a bad reputation among other species, has expedited its expansion within the Milky Way galaxy.

Humans are divided into two powerful factions: the Human Union, which is a tight union of individual colonies that have emerged after the Operation Libertine X sent the unified people of Earth to space; and the Shenzhou, a totalitarian society evolved from the remnants of the late postmodern Space Program of communistic China: the Shenzhou X.

While Humans are part of the Galactic Alliance, the Ambassador seat at the Galactic Alliance Council is currently held by the Human Union as the Shenzhou, who originally held the seat, was found quilty of mixing Human genes with Kre’Pathian genes in an attempt to produce powerful Human psychers.


Humans are very innovative and never too proud to borrow ideas for inventions from other races. The currently tech boom is strongly influenced by Human ideas and consepts. Minimalistic solutions that focus on just one purpose are the key element of Galactic Age Human technology. Mass production of cheap single-purpose tools is common for Human Colonies and their products are highly sought after by the other races.

Despite their quickness to embrace new technology, Humans are still an infant race in the interstellar community and many complex sciences require Humans to borrow exo-technologies. The most common influence and source for borrowed science is from the Byrids. For the Shenzhou, however, the Lashathies have contributed very much.

Appearance & Anatomy:

Humans have changed little from the modern day people, although gene-engineering and high-tec medicine have prolonged the life expectancy of a wealthy Human to nearly 200 years. The middle class have access to gene-engineering that can remove fatal genes from their offspring while the rich can build the genestructure of their children nearly from scratch – creating ridiculously beautiful and talented people with little genetical flaws.

The meddling with Human genes have increased the overall healthiness, intelligence, and appearance nearer to the ideal Human. Despite this, the average Human is still considered to be an ignorant and selfish creature.


Home Star System: Sol System
Home World: Earth


Astra Obscuri soinios