Human Union

" Considering the possible threat of Thaxian pirates moving closer to the Reagan System we should garrison an additional fleet there. I have been told that Ambassador Linder has discussed about this issue with the Galactic Alliance Council and that our own diplomats are currently negotiating with the Hadian Empire. Despite the possible foreign aid, we should reassure that we won’t get caught unprepared. "
- Lucas Lemaire, Colonial Representative of Kelvin


Human Union is one of the two strongest political factions representing the Human race in space. It governs it’s colonies with loose social policies, leaving the colonies relatively autonomous on the way they wish to govern their citizens. Economical regulations, however, are strict and reguire the colonies to pay heavy taxes. In exchange for the taxes, the colonies gain a seat at the Human Union Counsil, military protection against extraterrestial threats, and substantially lower interstellar customs duties within the Union.



The amount of colonies Human Union gets is governed by the Galactica Alliance Council. The Human Union divides its colonies in four main types that are listed below:

Colony Types

Sponsored Colony

These colonies were built by the Human Union or by settlers sponsored by the Union. These colonies are heavily bound to the will of the Union Counsil by heavy debts, and are often governed by Human Union officials.

The first Human colonies made by the Human Union were of this type. Therefore most of the sponsored colonies lie in the Human Union Central Space.

There is a special group of sponsored colonies called the Heritage Colonies. Each of these colonies were personally sponsored by a Earth Council member who wished to create a strong mono-cultural world to preserve a single Earth culture against interstellarization (the interstellar equivalent of globalization). Probably the most well-known Heritage colony is Teuton, a Germanic industrial world in the Reagan System.

Business Colony

Business colonies are worlds settled by a powerful corporation or a group of smaller companies. These colonies are often governed by private security and administration companies that govern its citizens with strict laws and regulations.

Open Colony

Sometimes the Human Union declares a world to be openly colonized. These “free colonies” form goverments by themselves and often form unique societies. Open colony worlds often have a higher amount of alien species living with the Human population.

Open colonies are the most independent colonies within the Human Union as they are nearly autonomous in the way they wish to govern their citizens. Nevertheless these colonies have to obey Human Union mandates, pay taxes like other colonies, and follow the laws set by the Galactic Alliance.

Closed Colony

Closed colonies are closed from regular commercial travellers. These worlds are often military worlds or places too dangerous for civilian traffic. The most known example is Falon-12, the main military system of the Human Union Interstellar Navy.


Taxation of the colonies

Human Union colonies have to pay substantial taxes for the Union to support it’s goverment and army. The taxes are relative to the amount of produced capital in the world.

To easen their taxes, colonies often rely on other methods of paying their taxes. All colonies gain easements on their tax duties for each citizen who enlists to serve the Human Union Interstellar Navy. Thus colonies often encourage their citizens to enlist and promote it as a great service for whole Humanity.

Tax easements are also granted for extradited prisoners who are suitable for the Shock Battalions. Most colonies consider this the strictest punishment they have for their citizens and use it only on pathological criminals, but other colonies condemn their criminals to be extradited quite easily just to gain extra tax easements.


Human Union Council

The Human Union Council forms the goverment that rules its colonies. Each colony gets a seat at the council. While these colonial council members get to state their opinions, the final decisions are always made by the Earth Council, who infact rule the Human Union Council. Despite this the seat at the Union Council is considered a powerful place as the Earth Council always listen to the opinions of the colonies and rarely decide againts the votes made by the Colonial Council members.

Galactic Alliance Ambassador

The Council Ambassador sent to represent Humanity in the Galactic Alliance is always chosen from the ranks of the Human Union Council.

Human Union

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