How The Interstellar Culture Works

" We live in a galaxy linked together by interstellar alliances and the Byridian communication network. These things ultimately tie different societies together and form an unified cultural link. Similar to the phenomenae once called globalization on Earth, has been happening within the Milky Way for aeons. "
-Professor Edward Kassar, University of Xu-2


For ages the cultural trends of the interstellar society have taken heavy influences from new cultures succumbed into the Galactic Alliance. When these events happen they are usually exploited thoroughly. The culture heritage of a single new races can fuel new ideas for centuries, just like when the Hadians were introduced into the community, the galactic fashion stayed black and white for two hundred years due to the monochrome vision that had sculpted the Varadoon culture.

When Shenzhou were introduced into the Galactic Alliance their Culture influenced the galactic trends for decades. Everyone was wearing clothes inspired by the Imperial Era China and listened to music with traditional Chinese influences. This, however, lasted only for fifty years as the cultural heritage carried by the Shenzhou X was rather limited and when the Human Union was accepted to the Galactic Alliance in 2175 they introduced a significantly more interesting and vast cultural history.

When the Human Union was brought to the attention of the interstellar community, its cultural history began to live again: the 20th century was ruthesly exploited as popular trends from all decades of the culturaly rich century were brought back to life. Starting from the 1910’ to 1990’ the whole century was gone through in roughly 80 years and continues to influence the galactic culture even today, although the 20th century trend is slowly giving way to older industrial age influences.

A poster for a popular sensie-movie.


Each resurrected trend and cultural decade leave permanent fans of the era and groups and whole worlds might stagnate in single fashion trend for decades. These trends are often seen as the building blocks of identity and many cherish one trend as their own.

How The Interstellar Culture Works

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