A Hadian male from Langarra

" The quarter area 2 on lower C deck was raided on 0800 12032255 due to frequent complaints on suspicious traffic on the area and an anonymous tip on illegal slave trafficking. On place the raid sguad found that four apartments and a rented warehouse had been turned into an illegal brothel. Two Hadians and three human males were arrested for illegal and unlicenced activity and cruel treatment of twenty female Hadians. The arrested suspects provided the services of these female Hadians for numerous clients of different species in exchange for money. Further investigation should be done on possible connection between the suspects and the Barlanni cartel. "
-Extract from a police report on Langarra commercial space station


Hadians are an extremely patriarchal race. Some scientist say that the cause for this is the fact that the average level of intelligence of a female Hadian is comparable to that of a common household animal, whereas male Hadians are roughly as smart as humans are. On the other hand, some claim that the asymmetric intelligence of Hadians is the result of thousands of years of patriarchal tyranny. It is common that when people use the word “Hadian”, they actually mean male Hadians, as the male Hadians like to consider their female relatives as another race altoghether. Hadians themself use the word “Haplin” for females.

It’s very rare for an outsider to ever see a female Hadian, as they are usually kept isolated in pens away from the public view. The only use for them is for simple labour on colonies and space ships and procreation. Normally Hadian females produce one male Hadian infant for every ten female infants. However, due to the significantly shorter life expectancy and higher infant mortality rate of female Hadians, they only form two thirds of the Hadian population.

Hadians get along well with other races and enjoy the variation other races give to their male-dominant everyday lives. They are well known for their skills on trade and diplomacy as their curiosity, clever thinking and natural empathy for other races give them an edge on negotiations.

A Haplin slave from Martook.


Even though Hadians did invent FTL travel on their own, they have assimilated a lot of technological inventions from other races and they often try to increase their own technological level by buying tech from other species. Thanks to their knack on interspecies trade, Hadians are the biggest trafficker of Azer technology. Hadians don’t just deal on the tech of other species, but actually improve it and combine elements from different tech styles. These combined tech devices are usually very innovative and unique. This also helps to increase the Hadian know-how on industrial scale manufacturing and increase the value of the technology made by other races.

A Hadian tribal from the desert world of Gantonia.

Appearance & Anatomy:

Hadian skin is covered with thick but very soft velvety vellus hair thats color varies between different subspecies. The head and face of a Hadian looks a bit like a crossbreed of a human and a deer. The head has three horns that vary in lenght and shape among different subspecies. Apart from the areas covered with the horns, their scalps grow hair much like the hair humans have on their head. The legs of a Hadian are very similar to the ones that equines have with the exception on the feets, that are more humanlike. Thanks to the additional joints, Hadians are much more faster on their feet than humans are.

The internal organs of Hadians have a lot of similarities to Earth mammals. Perhaps the biggest difference is in the lung structure. The Hadian lung is a large flat organ that covers their entire back. The lung is divided into twelve chambers that can isolate themselves if they are punctured. An adult Hadian can survive even if it loses two thirds of its lung chambers. These lung chambers also work as wombs for the female Hadians. Usually only six to eight lung chambers are impregnated at one time as otherwise it might result in suffocation of the female Hadian.

A Haplin prostitute from Langarra space station.
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