Gene Engineering

As greater understanding was achieved on the Human genome in the late 21st century, more advanced gene engineering tools were also developed. Simple viruses were developed to modify the excisting DNA structures on living Humans. Human babies started to become predesigned as parents were given the chance to modify their offspring before they were even born. Fatal deseases and syndromes vanished as their causes were tracked and removed. The life expectancy rised rapidly to 120 years and life span ranged up to 200 years.

Gene engineering also helped Humans to modify their bodies with biological implants. Improved organs and the possibility for infinite organ replacements helped to increased life expectancy.

The Psycher Gene

As research continued, Humans eventually found the gene involved in the growth of Psychic Powers from the Human genome. This gene prowed to be tricky as it also contained a lethal gene quality. In 2206 Humans managed to remove this quality from the Psycher Gene.

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Gene Engineering

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