Galactic Alliance

" You dislike the idea of having one perfectly habitable world reserved for illegal genetic experiments? You might see this unimportant now, but it unfortunately is inevitable that these poor people will begin to appear here and there, and while we can punish the curious gene-engineers who create these people, we cannot punish the people who are the victims of these crimes. Sooner or later you will need a place where you can quarantee these people and that is why it is written in our laws that every member race must devote one world for their mix-gened. ’’
- Iyunriil, Council Ambassador of the Byrid race, reasoning with the first Human Ambassador


The Galactic Alliance is a multiracial institution that aims to maintain peace and order within the Milky Way Galaxy. The Alliance was originally created by the ancient Lashathies during the height of their civilisation in an attempt to unite the two quarreling races, the Byrids and the Thaxians. Of the original founding races only the Byrids remain to uphold the Alliance and its values.


All member races are obliged to follow the Laws of the Galactic Alliance and pay a fixed tax duty relative to the amount of colonies they have. In exchange the members gain access to the Byridian Commnunication Network, the possibility to summon the Galactic Alliance Flock, a monetary union, free market access to all Galactic Alliance member territories, the aid of the Galactic Police, and a seat at the Galactic Alliance Council.

Galactic Alliance Council

The Galactic Alliance Council is formed from the Council Ambassadors of the member races and their advisors. Its main purpose is to foresee and regulate the expansion of civilised colonies and prevent conflicts between the habitants of the Milky Way. The idea for restricting growth is based on the fact that if a civilisation is allowed to grow spontaneously it will eventually burst into a conflict with itself.

The main thesis of the council comes from a Lashathian idea, that the galactic community is a single system, that should unite its resources, share everything, and solve problems together. This utopistic idea, however, does not fully quide the council as the member races all have their own agendaes. Despite this, the Alliance has provided a stable peace between all the member races for millenias.

Humans and the Alliance

Humans are in a difficult position in the Council as they are not politically united. The separation of the Humankind into the Unionists and the Shenzhou is a tricky thing for the Human Council Ambassador: he has moral, and Alliance tradition based obligation to look out for the good of his race as a whole. Humans are not alone in this situation as Varadoons share a similar situation, having their colonies splintered all around the galaxy into separate clusters.

Galactic Alliance

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