FTL communication

When Humans discovered FTL travel they faced the fact that they could not transmit messages as fast as they could travel physically. The only way to send a message that would arrive reasonably fast was to send a mechanical messenger in a DDB. This however was not very convenient nor economical.

When Humans began interacting with Byrids they got their first quantum entangled atom communicators that allowed them to connect to the Byridian communication network. These FTL communicators allowed instantaneous communication no matter how far away the communicators were.

FTL communicators

The exact methods needed in the manufacturing of stable quantum entanglements capable of long distance communication, are a highly protected secret of the Byrids. It is widely thought that the construction involves symmetrical matter manipulation on both positive and negative dimensions to avoid similar phenomenons that cause the Radio Wave Flattening. Such stereoengineering requises astronomical amounts of energy and the use of massive particle accelerators. Probably due to these facts, all FTL communicators are built on the Byridian home star system Toros I where their massive Dyson sphere provides the required energy for such operations.

Byridian Commnunication Network

Due to this Byrids have a monopoly over the FTL communication market. Despite the obvious power they have over practically all interstellar communication, Byrids rarely exploit it. They govern the communication network with strict business ethics. Customers always have perfect anonymity and freedom in the information they wish to send and receive. The Byridian communication network has a similar reputation as the Swiss banks used to have on Earth. The network mainframe and the quantum super computer controlling the network is located at the Byridian home world Philiston.

Two thousand years ago Lashathies used to control a similar market. Some say that Byrids never actually invented the FTL by themselves but simply copied the technology from Lashathies

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FTL communication

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