Falon-11 Border War

" They appeared right infront of us and before we could react they had already attached themselves on our hull. We managed to lock the section they entered and detonate a remote explosive right in front of them. The explosive neutralised the Shenzhou threat, but rendered our life support system unoperational. Therefore we had to abandon our current goal and return to the Sun King for maintenance. "
- An extract from Captain Kinski’s report during the Falon-11 Border War


The Falon-11 Border War was a short war fought by the Human Union Interstellar Navy and the Shenzhou People’s Army in the binary star system known as Falon-11. The dispute began when Shenzhou wished to claim parts of the asteroid belt Revolver for themselves and harvest it for rare minerals.

Falon-11 is a system that lies in the border area of Human Union Central Space and Shenzhou Main Space and is a rare binary star system with a habitable world on both of its stars. While Human Union mainly controls the territory around Falon-11a, Shenzhou controls the secondary star, Falon-11b, completely. Due to their proximity, the asteroid belt, Revolver, that orbits the primary star, is also relatively close to the secondary stars outer planets.

When Shenzhou sent their first mining ships to colonize parts of the asteroid belt they were aggressively driven away by the guarding Human Union Fleet. After that the Shenzhou began a hit and run campaign against the Human Union Fleet while trying to set a foothold on the asteroid belt. Temporary Shenzhou mining bases lasted for several week before they were found and destroyed.

Even though the Human Union Fleet had the upper hand as their base of operations, the huge space station Sun King, was situated on the asteroid belt, both sides suffered heavy casualties in the skirmishes fought within the vast asteroid belt.

The war ended in the largest space battle Human Union has fought so far as Shenzhou launched a vast fleet of shock jumpers and three battle ships against the Sun King in an attempt to disable the Human Union Fleet’s defences on the asteroid belt. The Human Union Fleet managed to save the Sun King but suffered heavy losses to the sudden assault by the Shenzhou.

Infantry warfare

While the Falon-11 Border War was mainly a war fought in space by space ships, there were numerous battles where the Shenzhou managed to board Human Union Fleet vessels. During the war, Shenzhou Space Assaulters became feared for their aggressive tactics that relied on quick intrusive boardings. Many Human Union Fleet ships fell when they were overrun. During the main battle a platoon of Shenzhou Space Assaulters managed to enter the Sun King and cause immensive damage on the station.

There were also rumors among the soldiers of the Human Union Fleet that some of the Shenzhou Space Assaulters were genetically engineered psycher crossbreeds made of Humans and Kre’Paths. These rumors were never proven true, but such stories remain popular among the Human Union troops.









Falon-11 Border War

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