Exodus System

Exodus System

Number of stars: 1
Primary star type: F2V
Stellar mass: 1,5 (Sol Masses)
Stellar Age: 1,51 by
Temperature: 7000 Kelvins
Luminosity: 5,747 (Solar Luminosities)
FTL travel systems: Gen II Human FTL launcher (Locked), Byridian Gen III Vacuum Gate

Exodus System lies in the Human Union Central Space. It was assigned as an refugee system for Human mutants with extraterrestial genes. As dictated by the Genetic Manipulation Laws, all members of the Galactic Alliance are reguired to provide a safe have for the illegal mutants created by gene labs within their territories. It is seen as an act of mercy that the mutants themselves are not seen as criminals, but victims, and even though their very existence breaks the laws set by the Alliance, they are given a place where to stay.

Despite the fact that the sun of the Exodus System is relatively young, the system has a remarkably habitable garden world named Canaan.

Planetary orbits:

  • 0,15 AU – Asteroid Belt
  • 0,45 AU – Terrestial world: Large (Chthonian)
  • 1,32 AU – FTL Systems
  • 2,44 AU – Canaan Terrestial world: Standard (Garden)
  • 3,78 AU – Terrestial world: Standard (Ice)
  • 5,64 AU – Asteroid Belt
  • 14,69 AU – Terrestial world: Small (Ice)
  • 56,7 AU – Terrestial world: Tiny (Ice)

Space stations:









Exodus System

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