Earth Council

The single most powerful group of people in the Human Union. Capable of turning the whole union upside down and rule over the Human Union Council. The Earth Council is the remnant of the World’s Market Council, an organisation responsible for the unification of Earth through total dominance of its resources in the end of 21st century. Even today Earth Council owns roughly 60 % of all Human business organisations in Human Union space and can control the economy of Human Union quite easily.

Source of operations

Despite its name, the Earth Council members rarely stay long on space station Maia, their official meeting place near Earth. Most members live permanently on a secret haven world called Kyllini, Its location is a highly guarded secret and only the most trusted people of the Human Union are allowed to know where it is.


The Council follows strict rules and each member must donate all of his or hers property to the Council. A member of the Council does not own a single credit personally and is thus strictly tied to the Council. All personal needs, however, are provided from the Council’s wealth and no Earth Council member needs to waste time on maximising his or hers personal gain.

The Council always has ten members. A new member will always be chosen when a member leaves the Council, which will only happen if the member dies, reaches the age of 100 years, or in rare cases gets voted to resign unanimously by the other Council members, The new member candidate is chosen by the Council and the place is then offered the him or her. The candidates are often extremely wealthy businessmens or politicians who have proven themselves to be worthy of joining the Council. It is seen as the ultimate honour a Human can receive and many aspiring people aim for this.

Current members

  • Margaret Stansberg, age 92. Former CEO of Wirta Industries.
  • Max Telokov, age 89. Former Fleet Marshal of the Human Union Interstellar Navy.
  • Boris Stutkin, age 86. Former head of the Stutkin family that owns Promgrup.
  • Nila Ntombi, age 82. Former CEO of Ntombi Electronics.
  • Ja’far Albumasar, age 78. Former investor and a known genetics scientist.
  • Francesca Lyons, age 77. Former colonial representative of Curie.
  • Mori Nakai, age 75. Former Fleet Marshal of the Human Union Interstellar Navy. Known as the Butcherer from Jefferson Insurgency.
  • Vijay Kapoor, age 71. Former colonial representative of Gauri.
  • Tang Mei, age 64. Former colonial representative of Song.
  • Zachary Waltwood, age 57. Former CEO of Walzon Retail. Popular rumors say that Hans Linder was originally invited into the council, but after his refusal mr. Waltwood was chosen instead.

Former members alive

Power and its use

The Earth Council has the final say on every decicion made by the Human Union Council and can always rule over it. This, however, happens very rarely as the Earth Council oftens sees it best not to interfere too much with the Unions own political processes. Many see the Earth Council as the ultimate overseer that makes sure the Human Union Council doesn’t make anything stupid.

Economically the Earth Council has tremendous power. It practically owns the public sector and most of the private business sectors. The Earth council owns the majority of shares from the biggest companies and corporations in Union Space. One might think that this might cause major monopolies and trouble, but the Earth Council manages their shares wisely. Despite the fact that the Council might own the three biggest mining corporations, they do not allow them to work together: they force them to compete against each other. The Earth Council provokes and cherishes pure capitalism and actively tries to break exclusivity deals, cartels and monopolies. It allows weak companies to die and good ones to prosper.

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Earth Council

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