Orbital radius: 1,00 AU
Mass: 1,00
Diameter: 1,00
Density: 1,00
Gravity: 1,00 G

Star System: Sol System
Axial tilt: 23°
Lenght of day: 24 hours
Lenght of year: 1,00 (Earth years)
Moons: 1 moon The Moon

Atmospheric mass: 1,00
Atmospheric composition: Nitrogen-Oxygen
Atmospheric properties: Normal
Atmospheric pressure: 1,00

Hydrographic coverage: 71%
Average surface temperature: XX K
Climate type: Cool

Population: 8.287.336.349 Humans

The birth place of Humans was once an exceptionally hospitable and relatively cool garden planet, almost a paradise, but the excessive use of its resources, pollution, and a devastating world war have significantly reduced Earth’s habitability. Desertification has rendered most of the once fruitful territories dead, such as the mediterranean area that once had a relatively pleasant subtropical climate. Despite the fact that the invention of fusion power basicly ceased the global warming caused by the use of fossil fuels, Earths climate is still far away from recovering its former pleasant state. The third world war ravaged vast areas and the final antimatter bombardment that stopped the war obliterated most of the western metropolises and created great radioactive wastelands around them. Due to the scarceness of natural resources, the commercial value of Earth based estates and property has plummeted down and keeps on plummeting as new colonies are found.

The center of population has changed drastically since the early 21st century. The desertification caused massive migrations from the former subtropical areas, killed billions and eventually caused the third world war. As things settled down on Earth, new metropolises began to emerge on mostly northern latitudes. Places such as Alaska, Canada, Scandinavia, and Siberia have now become the equivalents of 21st century India and China – areas with high population density. Basically all civilised populations live on the northern hemisphere with few exceptions in New Zealand, southern Chile and Argentina including the Falkland Isles, and the Antarktis.

Isolated populations live within the barren mega-deserts and the radioactive wastelands, but are often shunned and seen as barbarians. Outcasts and criminals sometimes venture into these areas and join the nomadic natives of the wastes.

Living on Earth

If you’re not rich, you don’t want to live on Earth. The over crowded cities on Earth offer little chance of prosperity and the citizens of Earth are tightly governed by regulations, laws, and obligations. Anyone with the right mind and sufficient money will do anything to get out of Earth and settle on any of the Human Union colonies. On the other hand, if you’re rich you can buy nearly anything on Earth. Labour is cheap and so are lives. With great wealth one can live luxuriously on Earth.

Due to this Earth lacks a proper middle class. 99,9 % of the people living on Earth are poor or lower middle class. The rest are multimillionaires. When a lower class citizen gains enough capital to reach the middle class he or she will often migrate. Another way to escape Earth is to join the Human Union Interstellar Navy as an enlisted soldier.

A deserted city in one of the radioactive wastelands in scandinavia

Laws and restriction on Earth

Earth is the only Human planet where procreation is prohibited and compulsory sterilisations are common. This is part of a plan to rejuvenate Earths population and direct people to migrate into other colonies. If one should fail and bring birth to a baby deliberately or by accident there are three ways the mother and father (if known) can compensate their crime: the whole family migrates into a Human Union colony, the other parent joins the army, or the other parent is executed.

Each citizen must submit to a three year long civil labour service which can be anything from working as a security guard to farm labour. During the service the citizen is provided with accommodations, food, and a small allowance.

All Earth citizens are required to go through a ten year long school and if proven out to be talented another four years of high intesity education. The best students from the second education stage are picked out and sent out to colonial academies where they get a higher degree. This is also a way to escape Earth.

Alberta Megapolis

Orbital elevators

There are five Orbital elevators on Earth and each of them is attached to an orbiting space port. These elevators are situated at Alberta Megapolis, Falkland Towers, Wellington Spires, Trondheim, and Gorod Baikal.

The radioactive central London


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