DDB Merging

A DDB merging chamber.

DDB Merging

DDB merging is a method of manufacturing complex ceramic and metallic substances by using the merging phenomenon that happens when a DDB breaks in a location that has matter in it. A lot of different kinds of high and low density solids can be manufactured this way as well as many substances that have almost unnatural qualities.

Most of the high-tech apparatuses need materials made by DDB merging. Due to this, DDB merging companies are one of the most influential players on the market.

A snapshot taken of the sudden merging of matter when the DDB breaks inside the merging chamber.

DM Materials:

Here is a list of the most common substances that can be manufactured by DDB merging:

  • Elboriumnite: Low density metal alloy thats critical temperature for superconductivity is 327,15 K. Is used in rail weapons.
  • Radomite: Heavy weight metal alloy that reflect radioactive rays. Is used on space stations and in small quantities on space ships due to its heavy weight.
  • Liquid Aramid: An aramid compound that has both liquid and solid properties at the same time. Liquid aramids can be used in production of self-repairing nanofabrics. These fabrics are often used in protective armours and space suits.
  • Psynite: A chrystalline substance that reflects psychic waves. Can be used in devices to improve or hamper Psychic Powers.
  • Ilirium: A low density substance that reacts aggressively to other substances. Produces a strong EMP pulse when exposed to oxygen. Ilirium is mostly used in EMP grenades.
Radomite sheet rolls – Heavy weight metal alloy that reflect radioactive rays.
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DDB Merging

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