Byridian Region

The Byrid Region contain the former boundaries of the Byridian civilisation. It is a region crawling with Dugats and is considered extremely dangerous. Dary explorers sometimes venture into the ruined Byrid systems in search of high technology and riches, but more than often fall prey to the cunning Dugat war bands.

The Byrid Region is also a safe haven for pirates and other outlaws as military vessels rarely venture into the Byrid Region. These outlaws often have to seek hiding places from asteroids and moons that had not been colonised by the Byrids before the Dugat Uprising.

The only route that is guarded and safe to travel in the Byrid Region is the waypoint route in the Sagittarius Arm and the Byridian Home Space that is located within the Byrid Region.

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Byridian Region

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