Neural Helmet

A neural interface for jacking into other appliances.


Neural Helmets are tools for connecting ones brains into external appliances without the need for intrusive brain implants. Direct control can be acquired with single thought commands and sense information can be transfered straight into the carriers brain. Neural Helmets usually connect into the wearers brain through small nanowires that harmlesly enter the wearers skull. Donning and undonning a Neural Helmet usually takes 30 seconds. If removed too hastily, the connecting nanowires may cause cerebral injuries.

Most common uses for Neural Helmets are Sense Movies, or Sensies for short. These recreational functions can usually be achieved with lighter Neural Helmet versions with limited connection to the wearers brain. These recreational models are usually one way transmitters that only deliver information to the brain but lack the ability to send information out.

More expensive models allow the wearer to send thoughts into external appliances and therefore gain direct access via neural interfacing. Some advanced vehicles and space ships use direct neural interfaces to function them properly.


Neural Helmet

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