Tadao Yamamoto

An old and spiteful colonel of the Human Union Interstellar Navy


A man of small stature rarely seen smiling. The murdering look on Yamamoto’s eyes demand respect, or fear.

Colonel Tadao Yamamoto is known for his bad temper and spitefulness. Despite his long career in the Interstellar Navy, he has not risen above the rank of colonel. Many believe this to be the reason for the old man’s grumpiness.


Tadao Yamamoto was born into a well known family of military officers and has served in the army for his whole life. Due to numerous ill fated accidents and bad luck Colonel Yamamoto has failed to achieve further promotions.

One of the recent incidents that led to the postponing of his promotion was a minor scandal at Fal’goran Grove where a stash of alcohol was found in his private quarters. This was extremely humiliating as the general leading the siege on Fal’goran Grove had strictly prohibited the use of intoxicating substances to boost up the effectiveness of his troops and had specifically instructed his high ranking officers to show a good example.

Tadao Yamamoto

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