Sandra L. Williams

An Union military psychiatrist and an agent of the Shenzhou


A pleasant and liked ’’shrink’’ among the Union soldiers. Even the gruffiest soldiers seem to have a sweet spot for Sandra, who rarely brings forth the fact that she is a medical lieutenant and therefor outranks most soldiers. Indeed Sandra often works as a civilian consultant and hides the fact that she is an enlisted military employee.


Not much is known about Sandra’s past as her history files have a tier-3 classification. She is in her thirties and received her degree on psychology from the university of Xu-2 on Mars and a MD degree from the military academy on Tarkus.

Dr. Williams was enlisted on HFS Pepper during the Falon-11 Border War. Official records state that she was kidnapped by the Shenzhou. In truth she was more than willing to depart with the Shenzhou special forces as they evacuated her from the ship.

Sandra L. Williams

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