Fred Palakinous

The High Sentinel Procurator of the Norma Arm


Fred Palakinous is the The High Sentinel Procurator of the Norma Arm, which means that he is the person who has been given the task to monitor the Uncharted Space sectors in the Norma Arm territory and make sure that the interests of the Galactic Community are taken care of there. In truth the actual High Sentinel of Norma Arm is a Varadoon noble, called Sshl’k, who has chosen to fulfill her duties through a procurator – a quite common method within the highest ranks of the Galactic Alliance officials.

Fred Palakinous himself comes from an extremely wealthy family and one can immediately notice this because such is the amount of pre-birth genetical engineering that Fred’s physical appearance is near ridiculously handsome. With good connections and well-timed favours Fred has risen into the inner community of high ranking Galactic Alliance officials and has proven himself to be a man of swift action and a clever tactician.

While Fred is a true cosmopolitan and seems to share little allegiance to the Human Union, for which he does have a citizenship, he is rumoured to be a member of the notorious secret society called Mercurius: a group of wealthy and influential Humans who work for the Earth Council. If proven right, this would cause serious damage to his status in the eyes of the Galactic Alliance officials.


Fred was born on Earth and was one of the ridiculously rich who enjoy the cheap fruits and labour of the desolated planet. He has studied psychology in various universities including Azerians and Hadian ones and has travelled a lot. He has invested vast amounts in numerous companies in the DM industry.

Fred Palakinous

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