Tia-Bella Kitamori

A Librarian of Pantheon from Bakufu


Tia-Bella Kitamori comes from the oriental planet of Bakufu and belongs to the Pantheon Community, a churchlike community of Pantheonist scholars and scribes who devote their lives to theological study.

Her title, Librarian of Pantheon, means that she belongs to the order that is responsible for the safe-keeping of the main library of Pantheon Community. Despite this, she devotes much of her time in the search for new religions and has accompanied several expeditions to uncharted worlds. Some of her brethen criticise her for these expeditions and claim that such actions should be left to the more common members of the community.

Some describe her as naive and foolhardy, but she has seen her fair share of the world and can take care of herself quite well.


Tia-Bella Kitamori

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