• Dack Ser

    Dack Ser

    An exceptionally talented tech specialist with a fascination for mechanical augmentations.
  • Nigel Faulkner

    Nigel Faulkner

    A military veteran who has been MIA for several years
  • Richard Smythe

    Richard Smythe

    Former renegade psycher from Earth drafted into the armed force
  • Thaddeus E. Hogan

    Thaddeus E. Hogan

    A veteran sergeant with loads of field experience.
  • Vitali ''Vory'' Popov

    Vitali ''Vory'' Popov

    A seasoned recon trooper with criminal background
  • Bartholomeus ''King Bart'' Williams

    Bartholomeus ''King Bart'' Williams

    The leading kingpin on Langarra space station
  • Fred Palakinous

    Fred Palakinous

    The High Sentinel Procurator of the Norma Arm
  • Hans Linder

    Hans Linder

    Hans Linder is the current Human ambassador at the Galactic Alliance Council.
  • Ian B. Sherman

    Ian B. Sherman

    A Human Union Interstellar Navy Fleet Commodor
  • Michael Strauss

    Michael Strauss

    Captain Michael Strauss is the leader of the 3rd Special Shock Reconnaissance platoon of the Human Union Interstellar Navy
  • Sandra L. Williams

    Sandra L. Williams

    An Union military psychiatrist and an agent of the Shenzhou
  • Tadao Yamamoto

    Tadao Yamamoto

    An old and spiteful colonel of the Human Union Interstellar Navy
  • Tia-Bella Kitamori

    Tia-Bella Kitamori

    A Librarian of Pantheon from Bakufu
  • Viktor Zorus

    Viktor Zorus

    Admiral Viktor Zorus is the commander of the Special Shock Reconnaissance