Astra Obscuri

3 - Big Trouble in Little China

The PCs formed a group of Shenzhou citizens drafted into the Space Assault squads that became notorious in the Falon-11 Border War. The group was a diverse lot as the members hailed from very different social classes.

" The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now. "
- A Chinese Proverb

The oldest member was a former administrative labor engineer, Tong, responsible for directing labor assignments for hundreds of thousands of workers on Quanzhou, a Shenzhou world in the Falon-11 star system. After an incident leading to the death of five thousand workers, Tong was sent to the army.

Kang used to be a succesful businessman who worked as the main trade ambassador of Shenzhou on Langarra space station. Unfortunately he managed to botch up his affairs and caused a serious conflict among the political factions on Langarra. Due to his hasty trading agreements, the Ayser family was violently removed from power and all business between Shenzhou and Langarra ended. This later allowed King Bart to seize the underground on Langarra and become the ruling kingpin. Kang fled back home and was instantly sent to the grinder.

Park was a clone. One of the many born to the civilisation farms on Henan. On Henan, the Shenzhou government breeds whole civilisations and when needed they are sent to colonize new worlds. Park, however, did not enjoy the meaningless life of waiting and was depressed. Thanks to the self-preservation program that weeded out potentially unstable citizens from the growth blocks, Park was given a choise to leave Henan. In a way he got to choose his destination and future too: it was just that his choises were either the army or the army.

" Don’t waste good iron for nails or good men for soldiers. "
- A Chinese Proverb

The leader of the squad was sergeant Jutang, a professional soldier. As he did not fare well in school during the first ten years of his life, he was assigned to the career of a soldier. It was common for untalented children to be sent to the military school. The Shenzhou upbringing system is almost completely institutionalised. Children stay with their parents for the first five years and after that they are sent to the early childhood education facilities. When the children turn ten they are evaluated, chosen a career, and sent to specialized schools according to the dedicated occupation.

The PCs boarded their vessel that was piloted by a strange child-sized pilot donned in full environmental armor and equipment. Just before launch, the ship received new orders and the ship was reaimed towards the Union ship HFS Pepper, that had suddenly appeared to harass the flanking Shenzhou battle ships. Due to the immense amount of space debris left by the three destroyed Shenzhou battle ships, the DDB jump failed terribly. The PCs were torn out of their ship and sent flying out into the cold space. Due to sheer luck, they managed to survive intact and stabilize the transport rack they were attached. Unsure what to do, the group headed towards the floating hulk of HFS Pepper.

The PCs managed to board the vessel and received new orders from another Shenzhou vessel Luyn, that was also heading towards HFS Pepper. Luyn’s mission was to evacuate dr. Sandra L. Williams, an agent of the Shenzhou. The PCs eventually helped the crew of Luyn to achieve this objective, but they were later slain by two cunning Union officers – the player characters from the previous scenario!

SENDER: Sandra L. Williams
RECIPIENT: ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤ name.poll.567; ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤ name.poll.425; ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤ name.poll.911 – ERROR!

Nǐmén hǎo,

As you probably know, my first mission parameter did not work out: the rogue Human colony was destroyed. It would have been easier if you had allowed me to kill mr. Palakinous, but I do not wish to question your reasons for this nor for why you wished me to kill the Azerian assistant 13° instead. I did, however, manage to delay HFS Pepper’s arrival to Falon-11 and that worked out just as planned. Commodor Sherman acted just as we expected. I might add that the way I played my part will leave anyone looking for evidence dumbfound! … PARTIAL DECRYPT ERROR!

…Did plan B work out for the colony? I understood that the Magician made it back with souvenirs?… PARTIAL DECRYPT ERROR!

…I’m currently with Captain Lee and on my way to the Dome. He told me that Captain Lang succeeded in his mission, but did not make it alive.





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